Dec 5 – Sinterklaas party

“Vol Verwachting klopt ons hart!” Sinterklaas is coming to Haijiao, let’s celebrate together! If you’d like to come, please bring a gift for Sinterklaas (budget: EUR 5 – 10) .

There will be hot chocolate and Sinterklaas ‘lekkernijen’ 🙂

大家好,年底要到了,天气也变冷了。在荷兰,Sinterklaas节日是年底非常重要的节日,这次海角小区将举办一次温馨的聚会,邀请你一起来体验Sinterklaas! 如果你会来参加,请你准备一份小礼物(5 – 10欧元)带来哦!到时候我们也准备热巧克力和这个节日必吃的点心和大家分享

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Please note that we will follow COVID regulation as set by our government. At the time of writing, that means that you need a QR code by either being registered as vaccinated, registered as recovered from COVID or tested through (free). It also means you need to wear a facemask when not seated.