Hallo allemaal! I am Frankwin, born and raised in the Netherlands. The first time I was in China was in 2006. I loved the people, food and culture so much that I came back with the Olympics in 2008 and went to Xi’An for a month in 2011. Eventually, in 2016 my wife and I moved long-term to Xi’An with our kids. I spent the first two years learning language and helping local friends with their business. Very often, my head felt like it could explode trying to learn this beautiful and language, but my friends and teacher were very patient with me. In 2019 I started teaching at the Xi’An Science and Technology University. Unfortunately, our family had to move back to The Netherlands in 2020 because of a health situation with our youngest son.

I love making new Chinese friends and I am very excited about helping you find your place in The Netherlands!