Welkom in Nederland! I’m Dutch Liz (麗思/丽思) and I’m currently pursuing a degree in China Studies at Leiden University. Previously my husband and I lived and worked in Singapore for 4+ years and we very much enjoy Asian food, culture and the people’s sense of community and hospitality. I’d love to reciprocate the wonderful welcome I received living in Asia, so I’d be thrilled to be your local guide and help you enjoy, explore and settle into my home country. Moreover, I’d love to chat to you in Dutch, English and improve my Mandarin, while hanging out with you for some “gezelligheid”.

欢迎来到荷兰! 我是Liz (丽思), 荷兰人,目前正在莱顿大学攻读中国研究学位。 之前我和丈夫在新加坡生活和工作了 4 年多,我们非常喜欢亚洲美食、文化以及人们的社区意识和热情好客的生活。 我很想回报我在亚洲生活所受到的热烈欢迎,所以我很高兴能成为你在这里的生活向导,帮助你融入、探索并且安顿在我的家乡。 此外,我也很想在和你们一起玩的时候,在荷兰我们会说“gezelligheid”表达一种很惬意的时刻, 我想用荷兰语、英语和你聊天,也可以帮助我提高我的普通话 。