Hello Haijiao Community! I’m Stanley, I came to study in the Netherlands in 2010, later on I continued my master’s degree as well. Over the years, I’ve stayed in many cities and eventually moved to The Hague in 2018. Being a ‘senior international student’ and a ‘New Chinese’ in the Netherlands I really have a lot of things that I can share with you all. I am a person that cannot really take time for rests, and I love to help people whether it is moving , looking for housing, job searching or go travelling together. One important reason that we founded Haijiao Community is to get to know you, hoping to help you integrate your lives to the local environment and to offer a place where people in this community can help each other and grow together!

海角小区的朋友们大家好! 我是Stanley , 我在2010年来到荷兰读大学之后读研究所, 这些年待过很多的城市最后在2018年的时候搬到海牙。做为一个资深的留学生还有生活在荷兰的新华人, 有很多大大小小的事情可以跟大家分享。我是一个很不能闲下来的人, 也喜欢帮忙大家各种事情比如搬家, 找房子, 打听工作或是一起出去玩! 成立海角小区的一个很重要的原因就是想要认识来自各个地方的你们,希望能够帮助大家很快地融入这里的生活, 在留学的期间提供大家一个互相帮助一起成长的小区!